Converge Lecture Series: A workshop with Katie Bethune-Leamen

This Workshop is open to all Ryerson Students
Space is limited so please sign up with attached link below to be guaranteed a spot.

Converge Workshop: Katie Bethune-Leamen
Date: Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018
Time: 3pm – 6pm
Location: IMA B09

Katie Bethune-Leamen – in making sculpture and installation, she considers the nature of objects, our relationships with them, and our relationships with each other as mediated through objects. She is interested in blobs: the inchoate and the abstract—amorphous things that create space in which object and observer work together toward potential meaning. Bethune-Leamen invested in materiality, and the manifestation of idea in form, and compose installations that function as visual proposals of idea.

This workshop aims to help students develop their projects by working with a Toronto visual artist. This workshop is open to all programs and years at IMA. It is for students who are looking to move from an image-based practice into an interdisciplinary practice that specifically includes installation, sculpture, and video.

For this workshop, there are Two Sign-up Options
1. Attend without showing work.
2. Attend the workshop and show your work to get feedback and insight.

Space is limited so please sign up

Signing up:
Students must sign-up for the workshop as space is limited so if you sign up, please show up. To register for this workshop simply add your name, email and year/program to the list below: this workshop is open to all years and programs.

If you need to cancel your attendance to this workshop, you can remove your name from the list until the cancellation deadline which is 24 hours before the start of the workshop as a courtesy to others.

If you are interested in this workshop, but it has already been filled up, make sure to check again after the cancellation deadline as a few spots may have opened at the last minute or email

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