Featured Lecture

April 10th 2018
7pm-9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
122 Bond St (School of Image Arts – Ryerson)
Room 304
Admission: FREE
Arrive early to guarantee a seat as space is limited.
Converge Lecture Series would like to invite you to attend our next amazing artist talk with multi-disciplinary, conceptual artist Erika DeFreitas.
Scarborough-based multi-disciplinary, conceptual artist Erika DeFreitas explores the influence of language, loss, and culture on the formation of identity through textile-based works, and performative actions that are photographed, placing an emphasis on process, gesture, and documentation. DeFreitas has shown nationally and internationally, including Project Row Houses and Museum of African American Culture, Houston, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Angell Gallery, Toronto, the Art Gallery of York University, and Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, Winnipeg. In 2016, DeFreitas was a Toronto Friends of Visual Arts Award finalist as well as the 2016 Recipient of the John Hartman Award. She was a 2017 nominee for the Sobey Award and a recent artist-in-resident at Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
DeFreitas Artist Statement:
My interdisciplinary practice draws on both personal and cultural histories to investigate the qualities of absence, which comes from my curiosity with the various forms of loss one encounters, and a fear of the loss one anticipates encountering; such as the loss of an opportunity, a memory, identity, or of a loved one. I explore the dichotomy of absence and presence through textile-based practices, and performative actions that are photographed; this places an emphasis on process, gesture, and documentation – all relating to ways of affirming one’s presence. This is further emphasized in my use of large scale photographs that are often installed as serial/sequential images. What has evolved in my investigation is a playful obsession to find ways to make the impermanent permanent, or to engage in ritualistic acts with the hopes of regaining what is lost. A key component in my practice involves embracing the unpredictability of loss, while conceptually developing ways to highlight different aspects of loss in a contemporary context.
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